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TriciaBueheneAward Tricia Buehne    Tricia Buehne of Breese, the 2015 Illinois Jaycees President, has been awarded the Jaycees’ Clayton Frost Memorial Award from the U.S. National Junior Chamber.
    This award names her the Top State President in the nation for 2015. Buehne was recognized for her leadership and motivation of members.
    The award is named in honor of Clayton Frost, former North Carolina Jaycees state president, who died in April 1946 in an automobile accident while returning from the installation of a new chapter.
    Buehne joined the Highland Jaycees in January 2001 and a mere 14 years later, she became  the 84th state president of the Illinois Jaycees.
    Buehne works as a retail loan officer at First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust in Highland.



ZoeLuthGirl Scouts of Southern Illinois (GSSI) recently wrapped up its annual Girl Scout Cookie Program.  The program was a tremendous success, and Zoe Luth of Breese was the Top Cookie Seller for the Clinton County area.
    “This year’s Girl Scout Cookie Program was a huge success!  I’d like to thank all of our girls, their parents and the fantastic volunteers who contributed to the success of the cookie program,” said Kelly Jansen, director of Product Program for GSSI. “The dedication and commitment of all those involved allow us to provide girls throughout southern Illinois with a great Girl Scout Leadership Experience.”
    The Girl Scout Cookie Program helps girls gain five valuable skills – goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics – that will benefit them throughout life. In addition, proceeds from the cookie program help GSSI recruit and train adult volunteers, provide financial assistance so Girl Scouting is available to all girls, improve and maintain camp properties, and develop and deliver extensive program activities for girls.
    Girl Scouts and cookies share a rich history. While recipes and box designs have changed over the years, selling cookies remains an important part of today’s Girl Scout program. The activity of selling cookies is directly related to the Girl Scouts’ purpose of helping all girls reach their full potential and helping them become strong, confident and resourceful citizens. All cookie proceeds stay right here in southern Illinois.
    Many successful businesswomen today say they got their start selling Girl Scout Cookies.  While participating in cookie activities, girls are members of a team working toward a common goal, with each girl striving to do her best.  
    Customers also had the opportunity to purchase and donate cookies that will be sent to military members serving overseas as well as local military organizations in southern Illinois.     
    Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois serves approximately 13,000 girls and 4,500 adult volunteers in 40½ counties in southern Illinois.   
    The story behind this year's cookie sales for Zoe 
    (submitted by Krissy Luth):
First of all, Zoe Luth is a third-grader at All Saints Academy in Breese.  I am her mom, Krissy Luth, the leader of her troop and at last count we had 16 third-grade girls in our troop (#1649).  
    Zoe's story starts with a trip that I made last summer.  My sister lives in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida, and last summer she had her second child.  To help out I went and spent two weeks taking care of my 2-year-old niece and then helping with things after they came home from the hospital.  I went alone which did not sit very well with my two kids or my husband, Christopher.  
    Zoe was very jealous and sad that she could not come with me on my trip.  So in the fall of last year, when the Girl Scouts sell candy, nuts and magazines, Zoe told me one day that, "Mom, I am just not feeling candy this time. I know I should sell more but I'm just not feeling it." Trust me I heard this several times, then one day she told me, "Mom, I will do better with cookies, I promise I will."  
    By this time I was tired of hearing it and ready to just give in anyway, then she says this, "Mom I will do so good with cookies this year I will sell 800 boxes!" Now, knowing that in the past she had only sold 400 to 500, I was just shocked.  I told her, "OK, Zoe whatever, you sold some candy that is fine." But she persisted, again stating she would sell 800 boxes. So sarcastically I said, "Fine Zoe, if you sell 800 boxes I will let you go to Florida to see Aunt Amy." At the time I had no idea how those words would haunt me!
    When January came around she was ready to go.  We never have done your typical cookie sales.  Zoe does not go door to door in our neighborhood or around town.  We have seven Girl Scouts of various ages who live in our subdivision so we take a different approach and let the other girls have an opportunity. 
    She utilized the Digital Cookie program this year. It allowed her (with some assistance from me) to send emails to friends and family everywhere.  From that email they could go to her personal website and place orders. They could place an order to be shipped to them or place an order for Zoe to deliver.  We had a good response from that.  She even got orders from family in New Jersey and Florida. 
    Along with the Digital Cookie program she worked cookie booths in January, February and March.  It wasn't until close to the end of traditional sales that she shocked me with her memory of what I had said.  She had remembered what I had said about sending her to Florida and now she was on a mission! 
    She took her order form with her everywhere.  She asked everyone she talked to if they would like to buy cookies. Once the first batch of cookies came in she got out and hit up everyone again as she delivered the first orders. 
    I must say I was shocked at how fast her numbers went up! Once she passed 800 I thought that she would stop but by then she had told so many people that they were selling themselves. I was getting phone calls and text messages daily from more people wanting cookies. 
    Her Dad and I couldn't be prouder of her, she set a goal and demolished it selling over 1,000 boxes of cookies.  Now I guess I just have to figure out how to get her to Florida!


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