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eifertHealth department administrator Sean Eifert    Clinton County's Board of Health is searching for a new administrator.
    Bond County's Board of Health voted unanimously in August not to renew its contract with Clinton County in sharing the services of its administrator, Sean Eifert.
    Eifert's contract with Clinton County and the health department will end Dec. 1.
    At the health board's Sept. 15 meeting, a motion to seek a full-time health department administrator was made by Dr. Deanna DuComb and seconded by Dr. Robert Hyten III.
    Eifert said he appreciated the support shown by the Clinton County Board of Health.
    "I have very, very much enjoyed my time with the Clinton County Health Department, and the friends and colleagues and acquaintances I have made there."
    Eifert said he would do all he could to ensure a "seamless transition" between directors, and would help with the onboarding process for a new administrator "in any way I can, or any way that you want me to."
    Eifert said he would not overstep "or interfere in any way, shape or form" with that process.
    He asked the board to reach out to him if there was anything they needed from him.
    Bob Netemeyer, a county board member and health board ex-officio, asked Eifert when they would have to put out a notice for the vacancy for the health department director.
    Eifert said it should be as soon as possible, "Because you've got the rest of this month, October and November to find someone, interview them, onboard them, and get them trained."

goatAshley Driemeyer, owner of The Fainting Goat restaurants in Breese and Pocahontas, with the citation she received recently from Illinois State Police for having indoor dining at the Pocahontas location.    The owners of The Fainting Goat restaurants in Breese, and Pocahontas in neighboring Bond County, were cited last week for operating the Pocahontas restaurant in violation of the current COVID-19 mitigations against indoor dining.
    Ashley Driemeyer said on Sept. 14 that she intended to reopen to indoor dining so that her family could survive, as could the employees who rely on the income they derive from working at the restaurant.
    Driemeyer and her husband Ryan own and operate the two eateries, which also feature a bar and a gaming parlor.
    They are represented by Sorento attorney Thomas DeVore, who serves other clients in the same cause, and who has filed numerous lawsuits on behalf of them, arguing that mandates issued by Gov. JB Pritzker are not law and cannot be legally enforced.
    DeVore has said a business cannot be shut down and said to be off limits to the public without a court order.
    An Illinois State Police trooper and two officials from the Bond County Health Department paid a visit to the Pocahontas restaurant to issue the citations.
    Ashley Driemeyer was cited for allegedly not wearing a mask and operating an indoor dining room.
    The Pocahontas restaurant opened about the time the latest COVID-19 mitigations went into effect Sept. 2 in Region 4, which includes Clinton, Bond and Washington counties.
    The Breese restaurant, at 509 N. Second St., opened just over a year ago, according to Ashley Driemeyer. 
    The Pocahontas restaurant is at 408 W. Johnson St. in the former Lucky Jacks building. It opened on Sept. 1.
    The new rules for bars and restaurants included:
      No indoor service permitted. Takeout and outdoor service is allowed.

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