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    The Breese City Council, at its Nov. 16 meeting, approved a bi-lateral contract extension with Waste Management services.
    The contract goes through Dec. 31, 2022, and covers trash, recycling and yard waste collection and is a one-year deal with no cost increase for those services.
    The motion was brought to the City Council by Alderman Bryan Eversgerd.
    Joshua Johnson, a senior account executive with Waste Management, thanked the council for the opportunity to continue their service with the company.
    "If you have any questions, concerns — anything, please direct them to me," he said, thanking the city for their continued service with the company.

    Mayor Kevin Timmermann said the city had some issues with the company, but those have been rectified.
    "Everything's operating smoothly. Waste Management gives us a lot of opportunity with the waste disposal and yard waste," and hopefully continues with those services.
    Timmermann brought up a question regarding containers, which he said was brought up by a Breese resident.
    Johnson said he'd received an email on Nov. 16 regarding that unspecified issue and the company is working "to get that [change] in place."
    Timmermann said there was some confusion on the containers with a number of residents, which they notified City Hall about. Another problem area pertained to Waste Management's hotline.
    "When they call in to your hotline, we're not getting the right information," Timmermann said.
    Johnson said that was the case, and Waste Management is working to streamline that 800 number.
    "We're basically trying to put out an 800 number that is for municipalities only," Johnson said.
    Johnson said, for the time being, if there are any questions from citizens, he asked the city to direct them to him "and I'll be more than happy to answer any questions on that."
    Johnson said that 800 number can be "a little slow, clunky for lack of a better word."
    In other action, the council approved a variance, and findings of fact and conclusions, for Jason and Jessica Prichard who are wanting to establish a dog kennel at 8727 Old U.S. Highway 50.
    The couple owns and operates Double J Doggie Play 'N Stay.
    The motion was presented by Alderman Jason Davinroy for Alderman Terry Fields, who was not present and heads the zoning committee.
    "We're excited to be hopefully a part of the community, and we're hoping to get started in January, to be open," Jessica Prichard said.
    She said they are asking for the variance for current zoning regulations which states they should have three acres of land for their overnight kennels.
    The variance was for a fourth of an acre for the property that they will be leasing, Prichard said.
    Their philosophy is "this was done a long time ago, whenever kennels were known for indoor-outdoor kennels, and there was no person manning that," and with dogs being outside and barking all night.
    Prichard said the three acres would "probably be a good amount of room for that noise to dissipate, before it gets to neighbors."
    Her kennel is an indoor-only facility and the only time dogs would be outside would be for bathroom breaks or exercise. They would be supervised at all times, she said. 
    If the dogs start getting loud or rambunctious, workers would bring the dogs indoors, Prichard said.
    According to zoning regulations, Prichard said the kennel should be 100 feet away from the property line.
    The building they are looking at renting is only about 12 feet from the property line. It is an existing building, Prichard said, and they don't have any neighbors around them.
    "It's farm field, the closest thing is a cemetery [St. Dominic-St. Augustine Cemetery], and then we've got the grocery store, and and a nearby business," she said.
    Prichard said there was some concern about dogs barking during services at the cemetery After discussions at a Breese zoning meeting, Prichard said they had decided, if they are informed of any services in the cemetery, "We will be more than happy to keep the dogs inside so that it's quiet, and vice versa," if there's a military burial with a rifle salute, they will keep the dogs inside so that they are not spooked by the firing of the rifles.
    Prichard said there will be a six-foot-tall privacy fence on the property.
    "Thank you so much; we're so excited," Prichard said following the unanimous vote in favor of her operation.
    The council approved the allocation to commit American Rescue Plan Act funds for construction of a new water tower. The new structure will replace the old, unrepairable  water tower on North First Street near the city 's power plant.
    "We're committing our money toward the water tower project," said Timmermann, and the city has until 2025 to spend that money "so we're making a good use. Infrastructure, of water, was on the list, so we're going to go ahead and spend our money wisely, and upgrade and put up a new water tower."
    The Breese Chamber of Commerce's Lighted Christmas Parade is this Saturday at 6 p.m., starting at City Hall and going up Main Street to North Side Park, where there will be fireworks and Santa Claus visiting children afterward.
    City Business Administrator Shelly Schadegg noted that Shop Small Business Saturday will take place this Saturday throughout the day.
    Events and activities related to that event will start being revealed during the week, she said.
    In other action the council:
    •Approved execution of a risk management agreement minimum/maximum contribution agreement for liability insurance
    •Heard of the utility department's push to hire a person in the maintenance section, Alderman Bob Berndsen said.
    Applications can be picked up at City Hall or online and must be returned by 8 a.m. Dec. 6
    The chosen individual will handle maintenance at any building in the city structure, Berndsen said.