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bridalSeventy-seven brides, their friends and family members took on the weather to attend last year’s Breese Journal Bridal Show at Hidden Lake Winery in Aviston. The show featured wedding-themed vendors from local, national and international businesses. (Photo by Mandy Ribbing)    The 13th annual Breese Journal Bridal Show, set for this Sunday, Jan. 19, at Hidden Lake Winery in Aviston, is sure to have something for everyone, and then some.
    The free event is from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. 
    This year's show will feature everything under the umbrella related to weddings and other festive events you might be planning.
    Participating vendors — there are about 30 scheduled to take part — are coming from Clinton County and the surrounding areas, including some from St. Louis, according to event organizer Mandy Ribbing, the advertising sales representative with the Breese Journal. 
    The collection of vendors runs the gamut of what brides, grooms and their families are looking for as they plan the perfect wedding day and night.
    Ribbing called this event a low-key affair.
    "It's calm; you can visit with the vendors, get some wine at the bar," she said.
    Patrons can register at the door for a variety of prizes to be given away through the day. There is no preregistration required.
    She said patrons usually bring their entourages to such an event — moms, best men, and others, though she said, "We have very few men, but the men who are there are treated very well."
    The show averages about 100 brides, Ribbing said, "Plus all their buddies." She added that the first 100 brides coming through the door will receive some sort of bag filled with event goodies, usually brochures and other related materials.
    There will be those associated with cakes, wedding gowns and dresses, photography and videography, transportation, entertainment, salons, florists and others on hand to answer any and all questions.
    Ribbing said while the title may be "bridal show," it's not just for the wedding set.
    "If you're planning a big event — a graduation party, an anniversary — these also are your people," she said.
    For more information call Ribbing at 526-7211 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Find the event on Facebook:

    Breese police are warning citizens to be aware of scamming phone calls or "vishing" phone calls.
    Vishing, or voice phishing calls, are a form of scam that aims to get prospective victims to share personal or financial information. 
    "The scammers will call and say that this is your bank and there was a large withdrawal and to provide your bank account numbers," said Sgt. Mark Berndsen with the Breese Police Department. "Do not fall victim to these scams."
    He added that another scam is an IRS scam, in which someone pretending to be with the IRS will call a person to try to get information from them.
    "I urge residents to not take these calls," he said.
    Another scam is known as the "grandparent scam."
    "Basically, this is where a grandparent will get a call from their 'grandchild' stating that they are overseas and are in trouble and would like you to send money," Berndsen said. "Once again, do not fall victim to these scams."
    Berndsen said before you wire money, make sure the call is legitimate.
    "Confirm the person's identity and never provide bank or credit card information to the caller," he said.
    Tips from the Federal Trade Commission include:
    — Try to verify the caller's identity by asking personal questions a stranger couldn't answer. 
    — Resist the pressure to act immediately and don't be afraid to use a phone number you know to be genuine to call back. 
    — If you can't reach a family member and still aren't sure what to do, call your local police on the non-emergency line. 
    — No matter how dramatic the story, don't wire money. Don't send a check or money order by overnight delivery or courier, either. Con artists recommend these services so they can get your money before you realize you've been cheated.

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