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Scenes from Monday night’s Schuette’s Market total store liquidation sale
cartslineTop left: Shoppers were given a form to write down the shelf prices of items. A 50 percent discount was applied to all purchases during checkout. Top right: Ski was among the first item to sell out Monday night, as early shoppers took advantage of their favorite drink priced at 50 percent off. Bottom: early shoppers wait outside Schuette’s Market on Monday, March 18. After allowing customers to preview the items, Kues Bros. Auction Co. required all shoppers to sign waivers releasing Kues Bros. from any consequences of accidentally purchasing or consuming expired goods. Shoppers were then assigned numbers and told to wait outside the store until called. (Photos by Melissa Wilkinson)    Kues Bros. Auction Co. held a total store liquidation sale for Schuette’s Market in Breese this Monday and Tuesday. 
    Grocery chain owner Mike Schuette filed for bankruptcy on Sept. 7, 2018, announcing the closing of his two final stores — Troy and Breese — two hours before the workday ended the previous evening. Several other stores closed previously, including a Carlyle store closed in August 2016. Kues Bros. was hired to clean up the Breese store — which was abandoned with all groceries still inside —and organize the sale of the property and all dry goods remaining in the store.
    On Monday, shoppers were permitted to purchase dry food items and household goods at 50 percent off shelf price. On Tuesday, Kues Bros. auctioned off large machinery including meat grinders, saws, industrial kitchenware and even vehicles.

RecoverycoachRecovery coach Dustin Kibler (standing) introduces himself to members of the Clinton County Take Action Coalition during their March 14 meeting. (Photo by Melissa Wilkinson)    The Take Action Coalition of Clinton County is a group with a mission; to expose the often undiscussed phenomenon of drug use and alcoholism in the area.     The public group — composed of professionals, former addicts and friends and family of those who have suffered from addiction — have met monthly since fall 2018 to share personal stories and discuss methods to combat the growing crisis, from public awareness and education to treatment options and prevention. 
    The group was founded by county residents Cary Trame and Craig Loddeke in order to give those suffering from addiction — whether first or second hand — a local place to seek answers.
    “My wife Deb and I experienced addiction with our daughter. As parents, we were in a situation where we didn’t know where to turn and felt very alone. There’s a big stigma with addiction, whether it’s alcohol or drugs. We don’t like to talk about it,” said Loddeke. “I was looking for something to get going in Clinton County to really get some exposure to the subject.” 
    Since its founding, the group has seen support from local schools, the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department and Chestnut Health Systems, a group focusing on addiction treatment and mental health care with locations in Maryville, Granite City, Belleville and Collinsville. At last Thursday’s meeting, the coalition introduced Dustin Kibler, a recovery coach from Chestnut.
    Kibler is a recent graduate of Clinton County’s drug court, an intensive, multi-year rehabilitation program. The program serves as an alternative to prison, and addicts become eligible only after a criminal felony conviction. Kibler said his decision to get clean was inspired by his mother’s heartbreaking response to his continued addiction.
    “She went out and bought me a headstone and said ‘this is the last thing I’m going to buy for you.’” he said. “She drove me out there to the headstone and said ‘never talk to me again.’ That night, I got arrested.”

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