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ArrowArrow Storage Products employees gather for a group photo during an employee retirement gathering at the Breese plant. The company marks the 50th anniversary of USA Manufacturing in Breese this year.     Arrow Storage Products announces the celebration of its 50th anniversary of USA Manufacturing in Breese.
    Amidst the negative news cycle and these difficult times, Arrow is proud to be able to celebrate this great achievement of American ingenuity and emphasize their commitment to keeping jobs here in America.
    Arrow Storage Products has been the heart of Breese, and has become essential to the very fabric of the community. 
    Much of the population of Breese either works in their steel manufacturing plant and the Arrow HQ, or they know someone who works there.
    The company launched in 1970 and continues to be the leading American steel storage manufacturer – creating innovative new steel products each year, most of which are still manufactured in the United States.
    Once a small, simple steel storage production operation, Arrow Storage Products in Breese manufactures innovative outdoor products sold throughout the world.

bambooAn example of so-called “running” bamboo, which is known for its aggressive growth.    Breese city officials, at their July 7 meeting, began discussions about what to do with the potentially invasive "running" bamboo.
    Council members and city officials heard a presentation from city attorney Joanne Stevenson on the issue, brought to the council by Alderman Jason Davinroy.
    A citizen's concern regarding the planting of running bamboo — said to be difficult to contain — had been brought to the city's attention.
    It was not revealed where the weed was planted in the city, or the homeowner's name.
    Mayor Charlie Hilmes said city officials will have to research the issue to determine how they want to proceed.
    The question is, what will happen in the future? And will the homeowner in question take responsibility if the planted bamboo grows into neighbors' yards?
    "You plant it in your yard, looks really pretty, and then it winds up in your neighbor's yard, and their neighbor's yard, and their neighbor's yard," Stevenson said of the species' tendency to grow.
    She said it's that growth that creates "a real problem."
    Stevenson found that several states and cities nationwide have issued legislation and ordinances prohibiting the planting of the bamboo — genus Phyllostachys — on private property.

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