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AnnualFilings    If you drive through Trenton, slow down and buckle up. Anybody passing through neighboring Aviston better keep the cell phone on mute.
    Clinton County Circuit Clerk Rod Kloeckner reports his office processed 2,358 traffic citations in 2017, a total that nearly matched the previous year. In 2016, there were 2,379 tickets issued by local, county and state law-enforcement officers.
    “That’s 21 fewer tickets than in 2017,” Kloeckner said. “If you look at the totals through the years, they have been remarkably consistent considering the number of law-enforcement officers we have in the various jurisdictions. It’s always in the 2,300 to 2,400 neighborhood.”
    Traffic tickets derive from the 10 local municipalities that have police departments in Clinton County – Carlyle, Breese, Trenton, Aviston, Germantown, New Baden, Albers, Beckemeyer, Centralia and Wamac – along with the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department and the Illinois State Police.
    Kloeckner said each year, certain trends are noticeable. Last year, it was a 10-year high in the number of driving under the influence tickets issued. In 2017, it was the number of speeding and failure to wear seat-belt tickets issued by Trenton and illegal use of an electronic communications device tickets (commonly referred to as “cell phone” tickets) written in Aviston.
    Trenton led all departments with 292 speeding tickets and 54 failure to wear seat-belt tickets. Meanwhile, of the 104 illegal use of an electronic communications device tickets written by all agencies in Clinton County last year, 79 came from Aviston.
    “That’s nearly 44 percent of their tickets,” Kloeckner said. “I would definitely keep the cell phone off my ear if I’m going through Aviston.”
    A cell phone ticket carries a fine of $120.
    Kloeckner said the most cited charge in the county was driving 15-20 mph above the speed limit. Officers wrote 455 tickets for that offense, 121 more than in 2014. The next four most-cited traffic charges were operating an uninsured motor vehicle (367), driving 21-25 mph above the speed limit (235), driving on a suspended license (187) and expired registration (110).


Vinnie&TJFather and son combo shave: Vinnie Tebbe (left) and his son TJ Tebbe (right) pose for a photo after entering the St. Rose 150th Beard Shaving contest. Pictured with them are stylist Amanda Detmer (far left) of All the Buzz Salon and Amanda Benhoff (far right) of Studio A.RaffleSt. Rose pastor Fr. Ed Schaefer presents a check to the $300 Big Ticket Raffle winner Pete Jansen of St. Rose.    Brrrrr! It was cold all day on on Monday, Jan. 1, 2018, when  New Year’s Day events were celebrated all over Clinton County, but warm spirits were plentiful in the village of St. Rose. You couldn’t have found a prouder community and parish ready to start the new year as 2018 marks the 150th year of St. Rose parish and community. 
    To get 2018 rolling, the town hosted its third annual “Party at the Park” to support its Sesquicentennial Celebration. 
    Event activities began at noon with beard shaving sign-up and big-ticket raffle entries put in place for the year-long drawings. 
    St. Rose 150th event chairman Eric Benhoff announced the start of the beard contest. 
    “All contestants are to be ‘clean-shaven’ from this point forward to be eligible to win in various categories,” Benhoff said.
    More than 50 men are expected to enter the beard shaving contest. 
    On the frigid start of the new year, Amanda Benhoff of Studio A in Aviston and Amanda Detmer from All the Buzz Salon & Boutique in Germantown shaved beards for 25 men.  The 150th committee thanked these two women for their efforts. 
    Several men were heard to have not had a “clean shave” since as far back as 1975.  Benhoff said many contestants have inquired about rules and categories.  Men are eligible to enter the contest after they prove they’ve received a “clean shave” at any given point since Jan. 1.
    Jan. 1 also marked the beginning of the Big Ticket Raffle-Early Bird Drawing. 
    The January winners were  Pete Jansen of St. Rose, Aaron Venhaus of Breese and Lee/Lucy Wellen of Highland. 
    The Big Ticket Raffle offers multiple cash prizes totaling $25,000 for the year.  January, February, March, April, June, July and September will be for three prizes — $300, $200 and $100.  May and August each include $1,000, $500 and $150 prizes.  The final drawing will be held at the St. Rose Sesquicentennial closing ceremonies on Oct. 7. Prizes are: first -  $10,000, second - $4,000, third -  $2,000, fourth - $1,000 and fifth - $500. 
    Tickets can be purchased up to the drawing on Oct. 7 from any committee member or on-line via credit card at
    The New Year’s Day event was just the beginning of an exciting year for St. Rose. 
    Currently, St. Rose Catholic Church is going through an extensive remodel that is expected to be completed by April.  During the remodel, Aviston (St. Francis) and Beaver Prairie (St. Felicitas) parishes have been gracious to host Masses for the parishioners of St. Rose. 
    In March, the second annual Heroes & Legends basketball tournament will take place at St. Rose gymnasium.  Event coordinators are receiving inquiries for women to be a part of the 2018 edition.  Committee members are reaching out via Facebook for interest from female participants.

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