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    During the Monday night Central Community High School board meeting, a budget hearing was presented and approved by the board.
    According to Superintendent Dr. Dustin Foutch, the preliminary fiscal year 2021 budget was presented last month and has been on public display for the past 30 days.
    "For the Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 budget, we estimated projected revenues conservatively," he said.  "Business manager Becky Boeschen will give you our increase in local property tax dollars consistent with the increase in Estimated Assessed Valuation (EAV)."
    During the hearing, Boeschen said that they are always conservative with revenues estimating low and their expenditure budgeting high.
    "This year, our state funding is forecasting some decreases from last year," Boeschen said, adding that they will be about $30,000 to $35,0000 less than last year.
    "Our Evidence Based Funding (formally General State Aid) will stay the same as last year and we will receive the same amount — $523,839," she said. 
    She added that there was an increase of $237,989 (or 3.9 percent) in local funding, or property tax revenue.
    Boeschen and Foutch said that there are efforts being made to save money all around.
    "We are very fortunate that we continue to have increases in EAV and property tax funding," Foutch said, adding that with this, they can plan on some increases in revenue again this year, but they do not anticipate that those increases will be enough to cover the increased expenses (in the Education Fund) due to COVID-19. 
    "I also believe we will have increased costs in our Operation and Management (O&M) budget due to COVID mitigating cleaning supplies and in the Transportation Fund due to our need to adapt to dynamic elementary school schedules," he said.
    He added that estimated expenditures were budgeted at high levels for FY21.
    "We also included the potential for unexpected circumstances and contingencies," he said.  "With that, we are making increased efforts to limit expenses in every line item of the budget."
    Once approved, they will post the FY21 Budget to the school's website ( and file it with the Regional Office of Education, as required by law. 
    Dale Holtmann of Scheffel Boyle Certified Public Accountants presented the FY 2020 audit report to the board.
    "You had a very good year, very comparable to last year," Holtmann said. "Your revenues were consistent and your expenses went down."

The Breese Journal has been asking for submissions from you, the readers, about your farm equipment restoration projects. Listed below, in the order they appeared in the Breese Journal, are your responses. We are still taking questionnaire submissions and photographs! Click the banner ad at the bottom of the stories for more information on how to submit your Ageless Iron.

William Strotheide
    William Strotheide of Beaver Prairie, a farmer, has something in common with John Fischer of Carlyle: they're both fans of Minneapolis-Moline's G1000 tractor.
    Strotheide said he favors the G1000 because it's big, and is a nice farm vehicle to handle.
    He said his was restored out of necessity, usually meaning it was a working piece of equipment on the farm.
    He did his restoration all on his own, but to his knowledge, he doesn't know if it's still in use for regular farm work.
    Strotheide, who has done two restoration projects, said "they were all challenging."
    He's not sure what his dream project would be, but Strotheide said anyone should think twice before they're about to get into a restoration project. 
    Why? "Once you get started, you keep going and that's how you get through" that project.


Richter MichaelMichael J. Richter
    Michael J. Richter, of Highland, a dairy replacement manager, favors Farmall tractors as his restoration badge of choice.
    Richter said his favorite is the Farmall Super H, because it is simple and easy to operate, as tractors go.
    His Farmall Super H is the only one he's restored to date. It was handed down from his father, who purchased the tractor from the AC dealer in Highland over 60 years ago.
    The restoration was done out of honor because every family member has operated this particular tractor, Richter said.
    Richter said his tractor has been repaired twice by a Mr. Frerker in Breese, his father's cousin's son.
    While the Super H doesn't do much in the way of farm tasks anymore, Richter said it is used for hayrides the family has each October on his mother's birthday.
    Richter said his dream project would be pulling the family trolley from Kentucky Horse Park with the Super H.
    He said, for anyone contemplating such a restoration project to take their time and enjoy their work "because if done right, it will be better than new and last for generations."

tractorgears    The Breese Journal is interested in featuring your farm equipment restoration projects in upcoming issues! Are you fixing up Dad's tractor to put it back to work on the farm? Polishing up your showpiece in anticipation of future parades? Let us know! We've made it easy with the handy questionnaire below.
    We'd also love to see your pictures, especially before and after photos or in-progress shots. Just pictures of your finished project are fine, too! You can copy and paste the questionnaire below, fill it out and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or cut the form out of this week's Breese Journal and mail or drop off your paper interview form at the Breese Journal, 8060 Old Hwy. 50 (P.O. Box 405), Breese, IL 62230. We can return your photos for pickup in the lobby. Thank you!

Download a printable pdf questionnaire form here:

Phone or email: 
1) What brand(s) do you restore? 
2) Do you have a favorite model/series/year of manufacture, and why? 
3) Was your antique equipment handed down through your family? If not, what’s its history? 
4) Was the restoration of your equipment out of enjoyment or by necessity? 
5) What kind of help did you have with the restoration project(s)? Anyone you’d like to thank? 
6) Is your restored equipment still in use for regular farm work? 
7) What was your favorite restoration project?  What was the hardest?
8) How many tractors/farm implements have you restored thus far? 

9) What would your dream project be? 
10) What advice would you give to someone looking to start a restoration project? 

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