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    At the Breese Central Community High School board meeting Tuesday night, the board approved a new employment opportunity for the school — a medical assistant position.
    Superintendent Dr. Dustin Foutch said that the position will not only help the district better meet the healthcare needs of the students, it will enable them to begin providing a larger selection of Health Occupations Dual-Credit coursework for students. 
    "Our administration team, counselors, and Mrs. (Stacey) Boruff, met with the dean of nursing at Kaskaskia College, Julie Obermark, last week," Foutch said, adding that the  meeting was "extremely productive."
    "If we create the Medical Assistant Position, then Central will be able to offer a new EMT Certificate program, Dual-Credit Medical Math, and Dual-Credit Medical Careers coursework in Year One," he said, adding that in Year Two, they will add a Medical Assistant Certificate program to those offerings. 
    "Based on a feasibility study by KC, these are all areas where there is a high demand for employment in our community," he said. 
    The board approved the job description for the new position.
    In other news, Foutch reported that Central has received new information in regard to the recent COVID stimulus bill that was passed by the federal government. 
    "Although this number is very tentative, it looks like our district will receive a little of $200,000 in stimulus funds," he said, adding that they plan to place these funds into the Operation and Maintenance Fund to help reimburse the district’s COVID related expenses (HVAC upgrades, cleaning supplies, masks, sanitizer, etc.). 
    Under old business, the board approved payment application #5 from Litteken Construction for $28,367.55. 

ISA logo    The Illinois Sheriffs Association (ISA) announces that it will be awarding over $58,000 in college scholarships throughout the state of Illinois to students wishing to pursue higher education during the 2021-2022 academic year. 
    The scholarships are to be applied to tuition, books and fees only. The student must be enrolled full-time at a certified institution of higher learning within the state of Illinois, full-time online learning is acceptable.
    Clinton County Sheriff Doug Maue will be awarding one scholarship in the amount of $500.
    There will be no restriction on any applicant by reason of race, age, creed, color, sex or national origin. 
    The only limitations are as follows:
    • Applicants must be permanent Illinois residents.
    • Scholarships must be utilized at institutions of higher learning within the state of Illinois.
    • Students must be enrolled as a full-time student during the 2021-2022 school year (excluding summer session).
    Applications are now available at your local sheriff's office or on the ISA Website ( Students must complete the application; answer the essay question and return all documentation to the sheriff's office in their permanent county of residence by March 15 (must be postmarked by this date).
    A directory of sheriff's offices is available at
    For more information, please contact your local sheriff's office, Illinois Sheriff's Association, high school advising center or college financial aid office.

The Breese Journal has been asking for submissions from you, the readers, about your farm equipment restoration projects. Listed below, in the order they appeared in the Breese Journal, are your responses. Click on the photographs to see a larger version!

William Strotheide
    William Strotheide of Beaver Prairie, a farmer, has something in common with John Fischer of Carlyle: they're both fans of Minneapolis-Moline's G1000 tractor.
    Strotheide said he favors the G1000 because it's big, and is a nice farm vehicle to handle.
    He said his was restored out of necessity, usually meaning it was a working piece of equipment on the farm.
    He did his restoration all on his own, but to his knowledge, he doesn't know if it's still in use for regular farm work.
    Strotheide, who has done two restoration projects, said "they were all challenging."
    He's not sure what his dream project would be, but Strotheide said anyone should think twice before they're about to get into a restoration project. 
    Why? "Once you get started, you keep going and that's how you get through" that project.


Richter MichaelMichael J. Richter
    Michael J. Richter, of Highland, a dairy replacement manager, favors Farmall tractors as his restoration badge of choice.
    Richter said his favorite is the Farmall Super H, because it is simple and easy to operate, as tractors go.
    His Farmall Super H is the only one he's restored to date. It was handed down from his father, who purchased the tractor from the AC dealer in Highland over 60 years ago.
    The restoration was done out of honor because every family member has operated this particular tractor, Richter said.
    Richter said his tractor has been repaired twice by a Mr. Frerker in Breese, his father's cousin's son.
    While the Super H doesn't do much in the way of farm tasks anymore, Richter said it is used for hayrides the family has each October on his mother's birthday.
    Richter said his dream project would be pulling the family trolley from Kentucky Horse Park with the Super H.
    He said, for anyone contemplating such a restoration project to take their time and enjoy their work "because if done right, it will be better than new and last for generations."

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