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    Illinois State Police (ISP) officials and the Illinois Trucking Association partnered to bring a new safety initiative to Illinois called “Trooper in a Truck” to create greater awareness about distracted driving.
    The new program is helping officers spot and correct unsafe driving behaviors of passing motorists by riding in the cabs of commercial motor vehicles and watching primarily for distracted driving offenses. Troopers are able to observe the violation taking place and notify other police units ahead to take enforcement action. To date, the ISP has conducted Trooper in a Truck details on I-55, I-57 and I-70.
    Distracted driving is a leading cause of all traffic crashes. Approximately 10 people nationwide are killed daily from distracted driving crashes. The ISP encourages motorists to turn off their cellphone prior to operating a vehicle, so they are not tempted to answer calls on the road. If drivers must keep their cellphones turned on, we encourage them to pull off the road to a safe location, away from traffic, prior to talking on a cellphone or sending a text message.
    Because public safety is our No. 1 goal, the ISP, and our law enforcement partners, will be focusing our efforts on ensuring the motoring public is obeying all traffic laws.
    Our message to motorists is clear — ISP troopers will be on the roads, making sure drivers are not talking or texting on their cellphones.
    Follow the rules of the road and avoid fines, jail time, and tragic circumstances. Taking your eyes off the road for even a few seconds can end in tragedy. Please do your part to help us make Illinois roadways safe, “Drop It and Drive!” A text can wait.


Illinois Congressman John Shimkus (left)  visited the juniors and seniors of Carlyle High School on Tuesday, Sept. 18. Shimkus, who represents the Illinois 15th congressional district, spoke to high schoolers about  his role in the United States Congress, the importance of understanding the Constitution and the role of Congress in the government. He also fielded questions from students after speaking. Earlier that day, Shimkus visited Country Bob’s in Centralia to tour the sauce maker’s facility, including the recently installed solar array. 

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