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FairgroundFence 4164Clinton County Fairgrounds is in the running to receive funding to improve its swine barn through a “Fairground Facelift” contest sponsored by Grinnell Mutual Insurance. Simply go to the Grinnell Mutual website at and click on the “Fairground Facelift” link. To vote for Clinton County Fairgrounds, click on the photo of the swine barn (identical to the photo shown here). You can vote daily until Sept. 20.    Vote daily at through Sept. 20
    County fairgrounds celebrate family, friendship and community — the stuff that matters. Grinnell Mutual Insurance is striving to be part of sustaining these area fairgrounds for future generations through its “Fairground Facelift” contest.
    Grinnell Mutual is giving away a total of $7,000 to five county fairgrounds to help with fairground improvement projects.
    One of the finalists in the online voting contest is Clinton County Fairground in Carlyle, which was nominated by Clinton County 4-H & Junior Livestock.
    Is selected as a winner in the contest, the fair committee hopes to use the money to make improvements to its swine barn which is used by all agriculture exhibitors. Deemed the “Pigpen Project,” the renovation would include resurfacing the current dirt floor with a concrete surface and improving the lighting.  The wash rack inside the barn would be relocated and the corner posts, side panels and gates would be replaced.  The committee also plans to reconfigure the show ring to allow for easier access including an announcer and registration station.
    Clinton County holds several livestock shows each year including sheep, goats and swine. However, the number of shows have been dwindling the past several years, due to the  condition of the facilities.  Upgrades to the facilities would bring new specialty shows to the fairgrounds year-round.
    The contest, based on online voting, runs through Sept. 20. To vote for Clinton County Fairground’s “Pigpen Project,” simply go to the Grinnell Mutual website at www.grinnellmu and click on the “Fairground Facelift” link. Click on “Fairground Facelift Voting” and then select the photo of the swine barn (identical to the photo shown here). You can vote daily until Sept. 20.
    Grinnell Mutual is proud to sponsor the contest and knows that local fairgrounds are gathering places for the community. 
    The company stated, “Through the year it hosts a little bit of everything, from homemade crafts to tractor pulls. Many fairgrounds show signs of how well they are used and their resources focus on fixing the most critical repairs for their buildings and grounds. The Fairground Facelift is our way of celebrating the ways your local fairground brings your community together.”

COLLEGEPLANNINGNIGHTFLYER    The School Community Council of Central Community High School in Breese announces its latest community education program — College Planning Night — on Wednesday, Sept. 27 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. 

    All members of the community are welcome, including parents and students from all area schools who are interested in obtaining a better understanding of how to better prepare for college. 

    For upperclassmen, the sessions will present information about how to choose a college, decide on a major, and prepare for moving to college. 

    For younger students, topics will include how to manage time, study effectively and choose high school courses that will prepare them for eventual college admission. Presenters from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission will lead the sessions. 

    As a special concluding activity of the evening, a parent panel will discuss their experiences with sending children to college.  These parents will answer questions and offer practical advice about making the transition to college successful. The parent panel begins at 7:30 p.m.

    The School Community Council was created in 2011 to generate community support for greater parental involvement in students’ education.  The Council strongly believes that more informed and involved parents translate directly into a more positive educational environment and more successful students.

    If you have any questions regarding the College Planning Night, call Central Community High School at 526-4578.

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