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By Taylor RobertButtercupsLeft: Angeleen Wesselmann, Allie Twitchell and Tatum and Milah Diekemper prepare to use the 
virtual glasses. Right: Hannah Leslie and Angeleen Wesselmann work on Easter favors for the Senior Center and Meals on Wheels.
    The 4-H Buttercups met April 8 at Immanuel United Church of Christ in Carlyle. The meeting was called to order by president Allie Twitchell with the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge.  Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved. Roll call was answered by attendees stating their favorite Easter candy. 
    Angeleen Wesselmann then gave the treasurer's report. Mary Broughton and Hannah and Maya Leslie reported on the Clover Sales at Tractor Supply, where the 4-H'ers participated twice in selling the Clovers.
    Under new business, the Buttercups made “bunny bait” to take home.  They also made Easter favors for the Senior Center and Meals on Wheels.
    The Buttercups met again May 13, when nine members answered roll call by explaining what they planned to do over the summer. Angeleen Wesselmann then gave the treasurer’s report.
    Under old business, the profit from the pulled pork fundraiser was announced. Angeleen and Kylee Wesselmann gave a report on the placing of birdhouses at Hazlet Park.  They also gave a report on making cards for veterans going on an Honor Flight. The members were reminded the deadline for 4-H show entries is June 1.
    Under new business, Kylee Wesselmann led the members in an activity with virtual glasses. 
    Announcements made were the General Project Show on June 30 and Clinton County Day at the State Fair on Aug. 10.
    The next meeting will be held on June 3 at Emmanuel United Church of Christ.

    After 25 years, Central Community High School has a new food service contract with a different company.
    Central has used Aramark for the past 25 years, however, the Illinois School Board of Education Nutrition Program has very extensive requirements for the food service bidding process and Ceres Food Group Inc. submitted the lowest bid, beating out Aramark.
    Aramark submitted a bid, however, Ceres Food Group Inc. submitted a bid that was $25,000 lower than Aramark's.
    "We don't have a choice here, we have an obligation to accept the lowest responsible bid," said Superintendent Kevin Meyer at the regular school board meeting Monday night, adding that it will be somewhat of a transition.
    "Aramark has been with Central for my entire career here at 16 years and I believe Aramark has been with Central for at least 25 years," he said.
    Before that, Central had its own food service.
    "We've had a long relationship with Aramark, but business is business, and through the food service bidding, Aramark did not submit the lowest bid," he said. It was the first time another food service had outbid Aramark.
    "They submitted a very competitive rate and the bottom line is the bottom line — and Ceres was $25,000 under Aramark's bid," said Meyer.
    He said that food service operates on a five-year contract — a one-year contract with a guaranteed renewal for four years.
    He said the menus are about the same (between Aramark and Ceres), as the nutritional guidelines also have to be the same. 
    The downside? No cookies.
    "Ceres does not provide cookies (as Aramark did), and I know the students will be disappointed," Meyer said.

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