Letters To The Editor

                                Holding the primary election was stupid

    It was stupid for the state of Illinois to hold the primary election on March 17, 2020, when the schools, restaurants and bars were closed because of the coronavirus. As a retired employee of the state of Illinois after 41 years of service, I worked as an election judge that day out of my patriotism to the United States and the state of Illinois. Three other states postponed their primary elections that day due to this virus. Does not the state of Illinois care for the health of its citizens? 
    In the past, elections were suspended because of floods. Why not this? If only one person who was at the polling stations in the township had the coronavirus, everybody living in the township would have to be in isolation and some individuals might get the coronavirus. Is the state of Illinois willing to pay its citizens for holding an election that may cause the spread of the coronavirus?

David H. Koch

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