Letters To The Editor

                                                  New Year's resolutions 2020

Dear Editor,
    Most of us make New Year's resolutions like we eat pizza. But we do eat the pizza, but never keep our New Year's resolutions. 
    We people are amazing, aren't we?
    Speaking of amazing, in the state of Illinois, what's that guy's name? You know, he ran against former governor Mr. Bruce Rauner. 
    Well anyway, you know who I mean. He made resolutions like we eat pizza, but he kept his resolutions and ate the pizzas, too.
    Meanwhile, he can pat himself on the back for setting a new record for any tax increases beginning the first day of any new year. 
    But like the hillbilly said, that's a bit more than we can chew. Best you go back to the table, but invite the taxpayers next time.

James E. Saffel Sr.

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